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Natural Everything

Natural refers to where we are from, in our case, Earth.  You can be more specific with the address of course, but that is up to each individual. 

Using that definition, which I do, I consider the ‘Earth’ to be going in a particular direction.  We as inhabitants can move in the same direction, or we can go against the flow.  I like begin each diagnosis with the notion that something is moving at odds with the general flow and causing a disturbance.  This shows up as break down, or decay of some variety.  We try to catch this while it is still in the pre-carious state if possible. 

When we try to ‘figure’ out something, that is a mathematical term, referring to figures (numbers).  For some reason (sensible), we could also speak about it as trying to ‘make sense’ of it.  This of course is a ‘feeling’ term.  So do we use our head, or our gut, or our heart to come to a conclusion, or perhaps all of the above. 

If we are looking at the problem in a mechanistic way, we are looking at restoring the physical form back to functionality.  If we look at it ‘sensibly’, we include the above in the plan, but not neglect the sense of disharmony that contributed to or precipitated the breakdown process.

Just something to ponder, thinking about solving and resolving the breakdowns of our bodies.

Dr Saepoff

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