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dentistry for children

Parents!  Don’t let anyone try to pressure you or scare you into approving treatment for your child until you are comfortable with all the answers to your questions.  If your child is in pain or distress and there is swelling or infection then the decision must be made quickly, but if not then get a second opinion if you aren’t sure about the recommendations.

Any real professional will be perfectly comfortable with you seeking more than one opinion.  There are many ways to solve every problem, and the least toxic and least invasive should always be offered as a choice.  Go on the internet and start asking about the choices you have been offered, and you will learn about all the differences of dental opinion.  One side seems sure their opinion is the only right one, and the other side tends to feel that there are many different ways to arrive at resolution.  They usually will encourage you to get as much information as you desire before making a choice that ‘feels’ right for YOU and your family.  Use your gut instincts!  You can make a choice that is the right one for you, and my job as an ethical dentist is to help you get the care you prefer.

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