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Alternative dentistry now includes alternatives to CPAP for many people.  If you have trouble sleeping, it could be that you have a breathing problem when you sleep!  Children can have sleep apnea too.  Everyone should be breathing easily through their nose.  Mouth breathing and snoring are not normal, and may lead to fluctuations in your oxygen and CO² levels.  This causes many health problems!

If you would like to learn about comfortable, non-toxic mouth guards that will support the jaw and airway while you sleep then call us for more information.  Also see the links section for more information on this type of treatment.  Only a trained dentist can offer these appliances and they are usually covered by your medical insurance instead of dental insurance.

We have two locations now, the second office is currently being remodeled.  You can be treated for sleep apnea or snoring, and jaw joint problems at either the Mercer Island or Issaquah locations  General dentistry is only available at the Issaquah office.

I will be posting some of the shows from the DentalMD radio show that are on this topic and other topics as well.

Dr Saepoff